Premiered on April 10th, 2021.
Currently on tour.

More than three thousand years ago, a group of women created a particular society on the distant shores of the Black Sea. A society formed only by free women, with a community and warrior spirit, willing to defend a different order. The Amazons.
Why did the Amazons believe they needed to create a society without men? Why did male heroes from ancient times reacted aggressively to this alternative society? Is it fair the use of violence to defend oneself against external attacks? Or must the defence of one’s opinions and the revolts against injustices always be peaceful? Girls, boys, are we all the same or is there something that makes us different? Who are the Amazons of our time? And… why does the Amazon River bears precisely that name?
The second volume of the Olympus Kids project stars the Amazons, Pussy Riot, the Guerrilla Girls, the green scarf protesters from Argentina, those dressed in black from Poland or those in lilac on March 8th. Them and all their antagonists, from Heracles to Vladimir Putin, to the neighbour of the 2nd floor.


Dramaturgy and direction: Olympus Kids / Performer: Jofre Carabén / Music: Roger Costa Vendrell / Scale models: Lola Belles / Management: Art Republic

A production by

Agrupación Señor Serrano, Departament de Cultura de la Generalitat, Grec Festival de Barcelona, Sala Beckett and Centro de Cultura Contemporánea CondeDuque


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