Olympus Kids

Señor Serrano Team

A theatrical project based on a critical and disruptive vision of Greek myths intended exclusively for children. Through a complex, daring and multi-referential look, the project proposes three 55-minute shows staged through a storyteller handling scale models, action figures, live video cameras and online resources. Olympus Kids is a project by Agrupación Señor Serrano.

What happens when we present a Greek myth before the eyes of children? What happens in their minds when they first hear about Prometheus, the Amazons, Heracles, Demeter, Zeus or Hippolyta? Olympus Kids borrows Greek myths to question key issues of our days, based on nowadays references, and openly discusses them from a critical perspective and away from easy answers. For this reason, the three pieces part of the Olympus Kids project change the traditional approach with which the myths were created (often with a misogynistic, brutal and classist basis) and refocus them from a perspective that questions them, updates them and turns them inside out.

Olympus Kids is presented through a clear and very visual language in which moments of narration alternate with others of reflection and open debate with the girls and boys of the audience. In order to encourage among them the pleasure of being autonomous spectators, the project is conceived without the presence of adults in the room.

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