Olympus Kids

Señor Serrano Team

A theatrical project based on a critical and disruptive vision of Greek myths intended exclusively for children. Through a complex, daring and multi-referential look, the project proposes three shows of 45-minute staged through a storyteller handling scale models, action figures, various live video cameras and online resources. Olympus Kids is a project by Agrupación Señor Serrano.

What happens when we present a Greek myth before the eyes of children? What happens in their minds when they first hear about Prometheus, the Amazons, Heracles, Demeter, Zeus or Hippolyte? The Greek myths, which are at the base of Western culture, appear today blurred in our cultural panorama. Something must have happened with the transmission of these myths so that they have been relegated and that only some privileged few manage to reach them, understand them and enjoy them.

Olympus Kids is intended to serve as a gateway to Greek mythology for children, based on a critical and playful review, connecting myths with some of the key issues of our time (the rule of law,  justified rebellion, solidarity, diversity, gender gap, extractivism, etc). The series is conceived only for children, without the presence of adults in the room, in order to promote the pleasure of being an autonomous spectator through a dramaturgy based on debating and critical thinking. Olympus Kids intends to steal the fire from Netflix to give it back to the children.

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