Premiered on Decembre 19th, 2020.
Currently on tour.

The myth tells that Prometheus is punished by Zeus for giving fire to humans, thus freeing them from their animality. An eagle will eternally devour Prometheus’ liver for having disobeyed the boss of Olympus. Although we could say instead that an eagle will eternally devour Prometheus’ liver for having given the human race a second chance with an act of solidarity. Is Prometheus a saboteur who deserves his punishment or someone who puts himself in danger in the first person to rebel against despotic powers pursuing a collective good? How is the original myth related to the reinterpretation made by Mary Shelley through her Dr Frankenstein? Puting aside an opinion on Julian Assange, could he be a modern-day Prometheus? Greek myths, like all myths, are there so that through them we can ask ourselves about human nature, not necessarily to find unambiguous answers. Key questions of the show: Should we always respect rules? What if a rule is unfair? Who decides what is or isn’t unfair? Should someone who breaks a rule be punished? What if we break the rule with a fair purpose? What if we didn’t know that rule existed? Who are the Prometheus of our time? And so on, and so on. It is fascinating to see children’s minds sparkling question after question.


Dramaturgy and direction: Olympus Kids / Performer: Jofre Carabén / Music: Roger Costa Vendrell / Scale models: Lola Belles / Pictures: Leafhopper project / Management: Art Republic

A production by

Agrupación Señor Serrano, Departament de Cultura de la Generalitat, Grec Festival de Barcelona, Sala Beckett and Centro de Cultura Contemporánea CondeDuque

With the support of

Producer of the English version of the show:  Carlow Arts Festival (Ireland).
Producer of the French version of the show: Association Créa – Scène conventionnée d’intérêt National « Art Enfance Jeunesse » (France) and La Bâtie-Festival de Genève (Switzerland).
Project part of Residenze Digitali – Armunia Centro di Residenze della Toscana.
Project awarded with the grant “New trends and dramaturgies” at Mostra Igualada.
Translation of the show into English, French and Italian thanks to Institut Ramon Llull.


Most innovative show award at FETEN (Gijón, Spain)
Golden Dragon to the most innovative show at Fira de Teatre de Lleida (Spain)
Golden Dragon Julieta Agustí to the best show at Fira de Teatre de Lleida (Spain)

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Tour dates

11-12.12.2022 / Mostoles, Spain / Teatro El Soto
23.12.2022 / Barcelona, Spain / Centre Cívic Cotxeres Borrell
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